2003 Report by the Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, Theo van Boven


1. This addendum to the report of the Special Rapporteur contains, on a countryby- country basis, summaries of general allegations and individual cases, as well as of urgent appeals, and government replies. Owing to restrictions on the length of documents, the Special Rapporteur has been obliged to reduce considerably details of communications sent and received. As a result, requests from Governments to publish their replies in their totality could not be acceded to. Observations by the Special Rapporteur have also been included where applicable. Such observations, which sometimes note the most recent findings of other supervisory bodies, in particular United Nations treaty bodies, are usually made when the information suggests that there may be a problem extending beyond the exceptional or isolated incident. The fact that there is no such observation in respect of a particular country merely reflects the state of information brought to the attention of the mandate, and does not necessarily mean that there is no substantial problem in that country. Observations are also included with regards to countries whose Governments have failed to provide the Special Rapporteur with any or without adequate information requested over a period of years.

2. During the period under review, i.e. from 1 December 2001 to 15 December 2002, the Special Rapporteur sent 109 letters to 65 countries. The Special Rapporteur also sent 68 letters reminding Governments of a number of cases that had been transmitted in previous years. The Special Rapporteur sent 294 urgent appeals to 82 Governments on behalf of individuals with regard to whom serious fears had been expressed that they might be subjected to torture and other forms of ill- treatme nt. A total of 72 Governments provided the Special Rapporteur with replies to allegations and appeals received during the period under review and in previous years.

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