2003 Report by the Special Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, Theo van Boven

Trinidad and Tobago

Follow-up to previously transmitted communications

1750. By letter dated 20 December 2001, the Government responded to a letter sent by the Special Rapporteur on 3 October 2001 (E/CN.4/2002/76/Add.1, paras. 1575 to 1578).

1751. Concerning Michael McKenna (ibid., para. 1576), the Government confirmed that he was indeed removed from the Infirmary but subsequent to consultation with the Senior Infirmary Officer, he was brought back there. The Government also indicated that only trained paramedics and the Prison Medical Officer made recommendations as to whether an inmate was to be housed at the infirmary or at another location.

1752. Concerning Narine Sooklal (ibid., para. 1577), the Government responded that a medical report from the Prisons Medical Officer dated 14 August 2001 confirmed that the inmate sustained an old injury to his left leg as a result of which he needed crutches. The Government further indicated that his medical needs were being adequately looked after.

1753. Concerning Anton Cooper (ibid., para. 1578), the Government responded that the Commissioner of Prisons had instituted an investigation, which was conducted by a Superintendent of prisons. Based upon the results of the investigation, the case was referred to the Ministry of National Security with the recommendation that an independent inquiry should be undertaken. The matter was being investigated by the police at the time the Government transmitted this response.

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