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Venezuela's energy system was attacked from Chile, Columbia and US - President Maduro

The Venezuelan system of electricity generation and distribution was attacked not merely from the United States but also from South American countries, President Nicolas Maduro said at a rally in the capital of the country.

"I have already said that we confirmed the version of attacks governed from Houston and Chicago during the investigation," Maduro said. "We found new sources [of aggression] from Chile and Columbia, used to damage the power system of Venezuela," he noted.

Venezuela sees major disruptions in operations of the power supply systems affecting the majority of regions from early March. The shutdown of the largest scale occurred in the country on March 7, when Caracas and the majority of states were left without electricity for several days.

More than five million Venezuelans took place in the Saturday marches in support of the government, Maduro noted. "Today, more than five million Venezuelans mobilized all over the country for the operation in support of the freedom and it was successful," the president said.

Maduro asked governments of Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia and countries of CARICOM (Caribbean Community and Common Market) to help in establishing the dialog between the government and the opposition in Venezuela.

"Venezuela asks for help and support in setting the dialog for achievement of mutual understanding among Venezuelans. I confirm my desire and readiness to find a solution through talks for the sake of the future of the country," Maduro said in his speech during the rally.

Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia and fourteen member-states of CARICOM should give a new impetus to the mechanism for resolution of crisis in Venezuela, he said. "The dialog will be able to start with their assistance," he added.

[Source: Itar Tass, Caracas, 07Apr19]

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