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People demand justice for comfort women

The controversy over the Japanese military's use of sex slaves during the Second World War continues. On the International Comfort Women Memorial Day, protesters held anti-Japan rallies on Wednesday, demanding the Japanese government give the comfort women the justice they deserve.

Protesters rallied in front of the Japan Interchange Association in Taipei, demanding an apology from the Japanese government and compensation for the women. They say they are fed up with the Japanese government denying of the crimes.

Kang Shuhua, Executive Director, Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation, said, "We urge the Japanese government to pass a law, forbidding politicians to say wrongful words insulting the comfort women. We also want the Japanese government to face up to history, put the history into textbooks to let young Japanese know the truth."

More than 2,000 women in Taiwan were forced into sexual slavery by Japanese army during World War Two. Only six of them are still alive. Their average age is 88. The young people feel obliged to help them.

Protester said, "They are too old to participate in the protest. I think young people should take the task, helping them to fight for what they deserve."

A photo show named The Reason To Be Strong is being held to teach the young generation this painful history.

92 year old Zheng Chentao is the oldest survivor. A civil group helped her realize her dream--- to wear a wedding gown.

Touched by their optimism and strength, more and more young people are joining the crowd, urging the Japanese government to restore justice and truth.

[Source: Xinhua, Beijing, 15Aug13]

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