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PLA's H-6K bombers capable of reaching Hawaii: Kanwa

The H-6K strategic bomber used by the PLA Air Force has a combat range long enough to reach targets as far from China as Hawaii, according to the Kanwa Defense Review operated by Andrei Chang in Canada.

A H-6K bomber is able to carry six CJ-10 cruise missiles with a range of 2,500 kilometers, the Kanwa Defense Review said. With a combat radius of 3,000 kilometers, the H-6 bomber is also able to strike targets 4,500 kilometers away from China including Guam, Singapore, central India and Russia -- making China the fourth nation in the world to operate a strategic bomber after the US, Russia and Great Britain.

The engines of the H-6K are bigger than those used in its predecessors, according to the photo published online. For this reason, it is likely that the new H-6K is equipped with the advanced Russian-built D30-KP-2 engines, which can increase a bomber's flying distance from 5,000 kilometers to more than 9,000 kilometers. A similar engine is currently used in the Y-20 cargo plane operated by the PLA Air Force as well.

In a potential conflict against the United States or Japan in the Asia-Pacific, the primary targets for the H-6K would be the 39 US military facilities located in Okinawa, Kanwa said. If an entire regiment of 18 H-6Ks were to launch attacks against US and its allies in Asia, it could launch an estimated 108 cruise missiles. According to reports, the US can destroy an enemy command post using seven cruise missiles, therefore a regiment of H-6K bombers can destroy 15 targets in one mission.

[Source: WantChina Times, Taiwan, 12Aug13]

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