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Expert: Japan attempting to boost army by raising Chinese threat

Japan's latest defense plans have sparked concerns both at home and abroad. Ukeru Magosaki, a former Japanese diplomat, says Japan is using China as an excuse to upgrade its military power.

"We must take note of this. These plans suggest that because there are threats from China, so Japan has no choice but to boost military might. But actually, it's the other way around. It is because Japan wants to upgrade its military forces, that's why Japan comes up with the threat from China. As I see it, the so called 'active pacifism' is trying to achieve so called 'peace' through use of force. This is against the traditional foreign security policies of Japan, as well as the peace in accordance with UN charter. The strategy aims to coordinate with US global strategy and allow self-defense forces to battle overseas." Ukeru Magosaki said.

[Source: Xinhua, CNTV, Beijing, 17Dec13]

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East China Sea Conflict
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