Canadian Forces would be ready for extended Libya mission: Top general

If Prime Minister Stephen Harper asks the Canadian military to extend its air force and naval mission in Libya beyond the end of September, the military's top general says the Canadian Forces will be ready.

"The Canadian Forces air, land, and sea have tremendous capability and depth," said Gen. Walter Natynczyk, chief of defence staff, outside the House of Commons on Thursday. "It depends on what the international community wants, but the Canadian government has all kinds of options."

Parliament has blessed the involvement of the Canadian military in Libya until Sept. 27, but the Conservative government has hinted it will seek to extend those operations.

"Canada will be a part of the military mission until it reaches its conclusion," Harper said in Paris earlier this month...

Libya is expected to be one of the first issues Parliament deals with when it resumes sitting on Sept. 19.

[Source: By Daniel Proussalidis, Toronto Sun, Ottawa, 08Sep11]

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Libya War
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