Hard Talk:the UN Was an Accomplice to Nato Aggression on Libya

Superficially, the establishment of the no-fly zone over the Libyan territory in March by the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 looked well-intentioned: to "protect civilians against attacks" by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's forces that had been unleashed to quell the uprising in Benghazi - the stronghold of the rebel National Transition Council (NTC) - against the Tripoli regime. But, in actual fact, the no-fly zone was meant to provide air cover for ground rebel troops which, on their own, could not dislodge Gaddafi's forces.

The insurgents were assisted with arms, cash, and logistics by the Nato alliance to enable them to keep up the fight to the end, something which was totally against the spirit and letter of the said resolution. But the same weapons have killed and maimed hundreds of innocent civilians the resolution sought to "protect" in the first place. The Western media propaganda, not surprisingly, deliberately skipped this grim fact of the conflict in Libya.

There is now no doubt that Gaddafi, who is hated by some and loved by others (for different reasons), has been ousted - not, of course, by the NTC but by the Western powers with the tacit approval of the UN. The world body had, to the consternation of many, allowed Nato to go beyond its mandate and take sides in a civil war! Libya is now firmly in the hands of Western imperialists whose main interest there is essentially the control of the country's flow of oil to the industrial capitals. As the fighting ends, there are already signs of an emerging scramble among the allies and foreign firms for access to the oil wealth.

As we anxiously watch the unfolding scenario on the political horizon in Libya, there is a ten-million dollar question yet to ponder: Is the UN still an organization that serves the purpose for which it was established? Or, put another way: Is the world body still useful and relevant to the people of the Third World? My answer is a big No! The cynical behaviour of the Security Council in the face of Nato's mission of removing a legitimate government (even if it was a dictatorship) by military force, leaves no one in doubt that the world organization no longer respects its own charter; that it has become the absolute instrument of the sole superpower and its allies; and that it has lost credibility, moral strength and validity as the conscience of the world.

The UN is obliged by its Charter to maintain peace and security and make the world a better place for whole mankind. It is has been entrusted with the responsibility of preventing and removing threats to the peace and suppressing (not encouraging) acts of aggression or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace - a noble task shouldered by the Security Council.

But at the behest of the Western powers, led by America, the UN has jettisoned its own aims and principles as these powers sought to dominate the rest of the world in pursuit of their hegemonic and predatory ambitions. This had been clearly demonstrated in the case of the American/British unilateral decision to attack Iraq in order to remove Saddam Hussein and when Israel invaded Lebanon and Gaza and committed atrocities there as the world body stood idly by in total despair and embarrassed silence.

Now we have witnessed, yet again, UN's abdication of its responsibilities in Libya. It went against its own charter when it became part of the insurgency against Gaddafi's regime. For the first time, we have seen the organistion embracing an invidious policy of regime change in a member state. To everybody's surprise and indignation, the Security Council did not hide its passion for supporting a rebellion to remove a lawful government from power!

Frankly speaking, the ouster of the Gaddafi regime by the Western/UN-backed insurgents was clearly an aggression on Libya's sovereignty, which sets a dangerous precedent and calls into question the credibility of the UN as the guardian of the member countries' sovereignty and territorial integrity.

[Source: By Evarist Kagaruki, The Citizen, Tza, 10Sep11]

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