Will NATO agree to play special role in Libya?

Yevgeny Satanovsky, President of the Institute of the Middle East:

They are not sure about their own possibility to control the territory of the country, and they need Europeans and Americans to control the tribes which are not part of the anti-Gaddafi alliance.

That means that the North Atlantic Alliance will be the major military force in Libya for a long time, and all these al-Qaeda, criminal groups will put the most difficult part of the war on the Europeans and the United States.

Will NATO agree to play some special role in Libya, - the only man in the world who knows this would be Rasmussen, who knows that this is a very rich country, with a lot of oil interest and maybe the military reality will be destroyed under the attack of the economic and financial reality.

[Source: The Voice of Russia, Moscow, 18Sep11]

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Libya War
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