Nato Intervention in Libya an Attack on Africa'- Hugo Chavez Foundation-SL

The Sierra Leone chapter of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity has added its voice to those calling the military intervention by the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO in Libya as an attack on Africa rather than upholding human rights.

President of the group, Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh, said the military bombardment and destruction in Libya could have been averted had NATO's mission been purely humanitarian and not economic and political in nature.

"Africa is under attack and the foundation believes that the non-stop 24-hour bombardment and the accompanying destruction in Libya would have been averted if the purpose of the NATO mission was purely humanitarian and not economic and geopolitical in nature," he stated.

The foundation, he said, has remained resilient and resolute since the NATO attack on Libya started because they strongly support the peace formula initiated by the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez and advanced by the African Union, AU for a peaceful resolution of the differences among the Libyan tribes.

Sankoh urged African governments not to allow foreign detractors to dupe them into what he described as a dangerous precedent being set "by forces that seek to overthrow the legitimate government of Libya through the barrel of the gun".

He called on the United States and its NATO allies "to allow common sense to prevail" and spare the people of Libya the horrors of what he described as carpet bombings being undertaken by "modern day crusaders in alliance with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-created Al-Qaeda terror machine", saying they owe it a duty to humanity to uphold the principles of human rights and the rights of other sovereign independent nations to existence.

Sankoh also disclosed that NATO leaders were planning an all-out attack on Venezuela by conducting provocative actions to justify their actions to destabilize the country.

[Source: By Victoria Saffa, All Africa, 03Oct11]

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