Gaddafi's widow calls for UN investigation

The widow of slain leader Moamer Gaddafi called for a UN investigation into the circumstances of her husband's death after he was captured alive in Libya, a pro-Gaddafi television reported Saturday.

"We call on the United Nations to investigate the circumstances of the death of the Mujahid (holy warrior) Moamer Gaddafi," Safia Gaddafi was quoted by the Syria-based Al Rai television as saying, DPA reported.

Controversy still prevails about the circumstances around which Gaddafi was killed on Thursday. It is still unclear whether he died caught in crossfire, as the ruling National Transitional Council claims, or he was executed on the field by the council's fighters, DPA reported.

"I am proud of the courage of my husband and my sons who confronted the aggression of 40 countries and their agents for six months, and who died as martyrs," Safia was quoted as saying.

Safia Gaddafi fled to Algeria with her daughter Aisha - and two Aisha's brothers, Hannibal and Mohamed - after the council's fighters entered the capital Tripoli in August.

[Source: Trend, Deutsche Presse-Agentur, 22Oct11]

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