Libya bombing was a call for hasty recolonisation of Africa

THE UN resolution to impose a no-fly zone over Libya shows the UN as an American scheme. The shameful concept imposed by dictatorship which is the Security Council, is a high grade diplomacy by deception.

The Security Council is not a democratic institution where nations of the UN General Assembly have a say. It does not periodically subject itself to the global population to be re-elected and it is not accountable to anybody. One would imagine that conscious of its own dictatorship, this Council would shy away from the word “democratic governance”.

The council is trying to lure the world into accepting brute force as good. It is common knowledge that America through the UN has spread insecurity in most parts of the world. Many of the governments US has toppled were democracies and were instead replaced by dictatorships.

You may say that; if Libya or Iraq were democracies, there would have been no need for the Euro-American invasion. We say to you: Salvador Allende. In 1973 the US Government overthrew the democratically elected government of Socialist President Salvador Allende. This is not the only example.

In February 1963, the US enabled a coup against the government of Iraq headed by General Abd al-Karim Qasim, who five years earlier had deposed the Western-allied Iraqi monarchy.

In 1960 the CIA and the Belgian government orchestrated a military coup that removed and killed Pan African leader Patrice Lumumba in Congo. In Brazil in March 30 of 1964, a democratically-elected government headed by President João Goulart was successfully overthrown by the CIA. On February 24, 1966, Kwame Nkrumah, the President of Ghana, was overthrown in a military coup backed by the CIA while on a state visit to North Vietnam. Howard Baine, the CIA agent responsible was decorated for his role in the coup.

In 1967, the Government of Iraq under President Abdul Rahman Arif was overthrown by the US government for attempting to give huge oil concessions to France and the USSR.

In the Salvadoran Civil War between the military-led government of El Salvador and the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), the US supported the Salvadoran military government.

The US had for many decades coddled the dictator Ferdinand Marcos, even as his regime abused human rights and his wife Imelda Marcos plundered the country of billions of dollars. The US support was based on the US military’s desire of Philippine territory for its naval bases. But some American presidents, such as Ronald Reagan, were genuinely fond of Marcos, calling him a “freedom fighter.”

In 2002, Washington approved and supported a coup against the Venezuelan government. Senior officials, including Special Envoy to Latin America Otto Reich and convicted Iran-contra figure and George W. Bush “democracy ‘czar’” Elliott Abrams, were allegedly part of the plot. Top coup plotters, including Pedro Carmona, the man installed during the coup as the new president began visits to the White House months before the coup and continued until weeks before the putsch. The insurgency against the government of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2003 was allegedly supported by the US, and Aristide claims he was physically removed from the country by US personnel against his wishes.

After winning Palestinian legislative elections in 2006, Hamas and Fatah formed the Palestinian authority national unity government in 2007, headed by Ismail Haniya. In June 2007 Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip. The US has since applied sanctions on Hamas and listed it as a terrorist organisation.

For the purposes of killing people, America, Britain and Portugal supported UNITA’s Jonas Savimbi who murdered indiscriminately millions of people in Angola they also supported Dracama’s genocide in Mozambique.

General Al Bashir of Sudan has committed what America called a genocide in DarFur. Hundreds of Thousands of people murdered, villages burnt and emptied and handed over to Arabs is a grotesque way of Ethnic Cleansing but still there is very little support for the AU force guarding Sudanese Concentration camps where more than two million Black people await their sure death.

The current bombing of Libya is a call for hasty recolonisation of Africa, by the same colonial powers of Europe and their Arab protégées. Notice how America used the fact the Arab League wanted a “We Fly Zone for Euro-American” and they ignored the African Union. This is the programme of America’s neo-conservative know as the project for the New American Century, that America wants to use muscle power to take all the resources of the world.

Arab commentators have called the African Union a house of dictators set up by Col Gadaffi and have gleefully maintained that the decision of the rest of Africa does not matter. We are now to await the decisions of the Arab League and the Arab Cooperation Council, to know what will happen to Africa.

As for African nations, one should not only blame the leaders who have ignored re-education and exposure of their own populations.

The resources of African countries are rarely consumed by any African peoples. African governments pay detailed attention to the protection and comfort of foreigners yet in terms of crisis; the same people will run to report where the military installations are located and how the government that cared for them is a brutal dictatorship.

All the major road tenders and major infrastructural projects including oil exploration are given to Europeans or to no-Africans by willing African leaders. Whereas Serena Hotel was sold at a giveaway price, our own citizens are given one goat to share among themselves to improve their incomes.

Look at the picture when, whetted by the appetite of the countries’ resources, Euro-American nations want to invade that particular country, the leadership looks to the neglected population to defend it. The elite whom the government has spent billions giving employment, extending services to their small enclave, then side with the invaders thus providing a quasi legitimacy for the invasion.

The so called support of the Arab League was not as is mentioned. The meeting of the Arab League that endorsed a no fly zone lacked quorum. The league has 24 members and only 11 attended of those, Syria and Tunisia did not back no fly zone. Only nine members did.

[Source: By Kihura Nkuba, New Vision, Uganda, 13Apr11]

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