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Libya in free fall -- Russia's ambassador in UN

The situation in Libya is in the state of 'free fall' and is aggravated by interference of foreign countries, Russian Permanent Representative at the UN Vitaly Churkin said after a meeting of the global organisation's Security Council on the situation in the North African country on Wednesday.

"Certainly, Libya is in the state of 'free fall'," the diplomat told ITAR-TASS. In his words, debate in the UN Security Council did not clarify who had delivered air strikes on Islamist positions in the country in the last few days. Egypt and the United Arab Emirates were behind this action, media reported.

"The government keeps silence, so, the affair is unclear in general. This is unclear whether the government asked or did not ask for this," he said.

Coming reports point to the fact that positions of opposition forces came under air strikes, Churkin said. If the government admits that bombings were being made at its request "this will be much worse, because its situation is extremely infirm all the same," the Russian ambassador believed.

"The new reality has appeared" in Libya, as the country "turned in a scene of rivalry between some ambitious countries which are not even its neighbours, but, however, are settling scores on its territory." "Some of them support more radical Islamists, some others - less radical ones," Churkin said.

The UN general secretary's special envoy in Libya has warned earlier all countries against intrusion in the situation in Libya, noting that such actions would result only in escalation of the situation in the country which was on the brink of a full-scale civil war. The only way out from this tense situation is talks involving all parties to Libyan conflict, the UN special envoy said. "No force, should it be domestic or foreign, can impose its decision on Libyans," he said.

[Source: Itar Tass, The United Nations, NY, 28Aug14]

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Libya War
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