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Arms may be supplied to Libyan Guards bypassing UN arms embargo — source

Participants in the Vienna conference on Libya may support supplying arms to newly-created presidential guards bypassing the current arms embargo, a source in one of the Western delegations at the talks told TASS on Monday.

Other restrictive measure imposed by the United Nations Organization will remain in place "in order to prevent the forces not controlled by the guards from obtaining arms."

The source added that several delegations are ready to supply weapons and provide necessary training to the presidential guards and reliable forces under common command.

Another source participating in preparing a final statement after the conference told TASS earlier today that disagreements on separate issues remain between parties in the Vienna meeting. He also noted that there is no confidence yet in coordinating the final text of the statement.

The government of national accord now based in Tripoli was established on February 14, 2016 with the support of the international community in the Moroccan city of Skhirat. The creation of the government and also the presidential council during the transition period to be followed by parliamentary elections is envisaged by an agreement signed in Skhirat in mid-December 2015 and approved by the UN Security Council resolution.

Meanwhile, the internationally recognized "eastern" cabinet led by Abdullah al-Thani in Tobruk and also the self-proclaimed cabinet of ministers of Khalifa al-Ghawi supported by the General National Congress continue operating in Libya. A part of the country is under control of radical Islamists including the Islamic State terrorist group outlawed in Russia.

[Source: Itar Tass, Vienna, 16May16]

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