Libya operation experience taken into account in Russian air defense drill - general

Combat experience in Libya was taken into account during the Russian air and air-defense drill at the Ashuluk training range in Astrakhan region on Wednesday, said chief of the Air Forces' surface-to-air missile troops Maj. Gen. Sergei Popov.

"The experience gained lately, in all its entirety, was put into the mass missile-air strike scenario, practiced today. Targets were set at an altitude of between 1 and 50 kilometers," Popov told the press on Wednesday, when asked whether the drill scenario took combat experience in Libya into account.

The general said that while planning tactical tasks for the practical episodes of the drill "various factors were taken into account, including the entire experience gained in local wars and armed conflicts, fought in the world over the past 10-15 years."

"This includes the most recent events, as well," Popov said.

[Source: Interfax, Ashuluk Training Ground, Astrakhan region, 20Apr11]

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