Russia urges human rights protection in Libya

Speaking at a special session of UN’s Security Council on Wednesday, Russian envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin has urged protection of human rights in Libya. Disproportional use of force in the military operation of NATO leads to the growth of victims among the civil population and the destruction of civil facilities there.

NATO airstrikes on Tripoli have violated the human right to life and caused the flow of refugees from Libya. By now there are several hundred thousands of Libyans in Tunisia. Some of them fled NATO attacks others the attacks of Gaddafi’s troops. But at the session of the UN Security Council the Russian envoy urged the International Criminal Court not to give preference to any party of the conflict. The court should fairly investigate the deeds of those who committed crimes against humanity and violated humanitarian rights of Libya. Now with the lack of food products and medicines Libya is on the verge of humanitarian disaster, an expert with the Institute for Oriental Studies Vladimir Isayev says:

"The situation with Libya is catastrophic. NATO does not allow ships with food and other cargos to enter Libya because of the risk of weapons’ supplies for Gaddafi’s troops. As a result, Libya, which has never been self dependent on food and medicines, has found itself in a very difficult situation. The coalition should check and allow the ships with humanitarian cargos to enter Libya otherwise people began to loot food storages and pharmacies if something is left there."

On Wednesday, first in the last two weeks, 180 tons of international humanitarian aid was delivered to the port of Misrata in the east of Libya. As for the country’s west - no food has been delivered they since April 19, when the coalition began to bomb the region.

After NATO bombed the residence of Gaddafi in Tripoli in early May the UN evacuated its humanitarian mission from the city depriving the local population of the last hope for help from outside.

After leaving Libya the UN mission plans to arrive in Syria. On Wednesday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon asked Syrian president Bashar Asad to allow the UN to deliver aid to the citizens of the town of Daraa in the south of the country. According to Syrian authorities, the main forces of extremists are located in that town. On Thursday, the authorities began to withdraw their troops from Daraa.

This is a case when the Domino effect works –unpunished violence leads to more violence. On Wednesday, eight people were killed and 21 wounded in a shoot-out in Yemen when a police convoy was attacked by insurgents. It is not excluded that this attack was an act of revenge of an Al Qaeda unit on Arabian Peninsula for the murder of Osama bin Laden. Especially considering that the family of terrorist N1 comes from Yemen.

The insurgents of Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations have already sworn to continue jihad in response to the death of bin Laden so the whole international community should take urgent preventive and security measures. Meanwhile the Western coalition is more concerned with the hunt for Gaddafi. In the last 24 hours NATO air strikes around the residence of the Libyan leader have become more intense.

[Source: By Garibov Konstantin, The Voice of Russia, Moscow, 05May11]

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