Apostolic Vicar Of Tripoli: NATO Bombings Are Immoral Acts

"I have the duty to say that bombings are immoral acts, " says the Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli

"I am surprised that statements were made on the fact that I should deal only with spiritual matters and that the bombings have been authorized by the UN. But this does not mean that the UN, NATO or the European Union have the moral authority to decide to bomb " says Archbishop Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli to Fides. "I certainly do not want to interfere with the political activity of anyone, but I have a duty to declare that the bombings are immoral, " insists Bishop Martinelli.

"Let me stress," continued the Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli, "that bombing is not an act dictated by social and moral conscience of the West or humanity in general. Bombing is always an immoral act. I respect the United Nations, I respect NATO, but I must also declare that war is immoral. If there are violations of human rights , I cannot use the same method to stop them. As a Christian I have to use peaceful methods, first of all dialogue."

"I remember that Pope John Paul II established diplomatic relations with Libya, while it was under embargo. This is to demonstrate that the method to solve the problems are not embargoes and wars, but diplomatic dialogue, " concluded Bishop Martinelli, expressing full support regarding the communication of the Episcopal Mixed Commission Mediterranean-Maghreb-Europe, on the war in Libya and on the issue of migrants.

[Source: Agenzia Fides, Tripoli, 06May11]

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