NATO expected to begin ground operations in Libya

Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi declared a large-scale conscription in the country due to probability of NATO ground operations, Al-Sharg al-Awsat newspapers said referring to a Libyan high-ranking official. The Libyan official said his government expected that NATO will begin ground operations in Libya and they are ready to meet any scenario of the developments. The Libyan government takes measures to conscript women and children as well”.

The source said NATO air strikes couldn’t force Kaddafi to leave power and this situation leads the NATO leadership to ground operations. “We have reliable reports about the NATO’s plans to begin ground operations in Libya”.

According to the military experts, Kaddafi has more than 800 000 troops and on the eve of the NATO ground operations, the Libyan leadership arms the population to increase the number of its troops. Recently the Libyan television broadcasted the training of Libyan women in the special military camps.

[Source: Azeri Press Agency, Baku, 10May11]

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Libya War
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