NATO keeps relying on bombs in Libya

NATO is stepping up its arsenal of weapons in the hope to settle the Libyan internal conflict. The Canadian Defence Ministry is reported to have ordered 1,300 laser-guided aircraft bombs. It is possible that the alliance which has not achieved any results in Libya will try to use that country as a testing ground for new weapons.

The 500-pound bombs that the Canadian Defence Ministry is buying are meant for hitting targets in Libya. Each bomb costs at least $100,000. It is easy to calculate that Canada is ready to spend $130mln as a contribution to the settlement of the Libyan internal conflict. This information has come together with the news that NATO has begun to feel a serious lack of munitions. Thus, the Libyans and the rest of the world are given to understand that the western coalition, even when experiencing material difficulties, does not intend giving up its plans to eliminate Muammar Gaddafi and his supporters as a challenge to the civilized standards of international relations. The use of force still remains the final argument for NATO.

Meanwhile, the alliance’s air force in Libya has been showing its inadequacy so far, believes Vladimir Evseyev, the director of the Centre of Public and Political Research.

“It is impossible to solve the Libyan problem with buying more weapons. In many respects, the problem arose because the USA and its closest allies, first of all France and the UK, interfered in the Libyan civil war. In spite of the long period of hostilities they have not managed to make much progress, which was to be expected. This problem cannot be solved with air raids alone. It was reported earlier that a considerable amount of modern weapons is being used in Libya. This means that Libya has become a testing ground for those weapons. By no means each bomb hits its target, so the civilian population is suffering.”

Meanwhile, the NATO commanders declare that the first stage of the military operation in Libya has been completed. According to the western military, its aim was the stabilization of the situation in the country. Apparently, the aim has been achieved. The next stage is destroying the command posts of Gaddafi’s forces. To all appearances, they will be destroyed with high-precision laser weapons, which also raises doubts whether these tactics are reasonable, Vladimir Evseyev points out.

“We have received alarming information that the alliance used some special bombs in Tripoli early in May. Experts believe that they were so-called vacuum weapons that do not give people any chance to survive. The use of such bombs in populated areas is forbidden by international conventions. Practice shows that the military forces representing the democratic West, very proud of its humanistic ideals, do not consider respecting these conventions as compulsory.

[Source: The Voice of Russia, Moscow, 20May11]

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