AU should save Libya from imperialists

LIBYA was a colony of Italy. Colonialism is a higher socio-economic stage of imperialism while imperialism is a higher socio-economic stage of capitalism.

Each one of these socio-economic formations is a result of one minority class owning economic means of production vis-à-vis another majority class of non-owners, but working under and for that minority class which employs majority.

In all these countries which use this economic system, there has never been economic democracy. But they call themselves democratic.

Up to the year 1969 when Libya was independent of Italy, it was being ruled by a king who in that year was overthrown by Col Muammar Gadaffi through a coup d'etat.

Since colonisation is economic, political and military, the Libyan territory had an Italian military base which Col. Gadaffi threw out after taking over state power.

Gadaffi loved the anti-imperialist outlook of President Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt.

Imperialism created the state of Israel which is now: (i) satellite state (ii) client state (iii) extended territory of the US imperialism terrorising the Palestinian people for the control of the Middle East for oil. Libya has been opposed to this.

Imperialism attacked Iraq under the pretext of looking for arms of mass destruction which were not found there, only to attack Iraq with the aim of stealing oil there.

Devilin, a highly placed agent of the US Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) was in possession of poisoned tooth-paste to be handed over to Patrice Lumumba of Congo, in 1960, to kill him through the same. They eventually killed him through their agents - Mobutu, Kasavubu and Tshombe.

Imperialism fought against Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt as to who should possess and control the Suez Canal.

Dr. Moume of Cameron was poisoned due to the struggle for the independence of Cameron.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown by young military officers in 1965 hired by the British and US imperialism.

Dr. Allende’s Communist party won the Chile election of 1973, but John Kennedy declared: “We prefer a capitalist dictatorship to a communist democracy”. Dr. Allende was overthrown through a coup with 16 bullets in his mouth organised by US imperialism.

Nelson Mandela’s name was deleted from the US list of those considered terrorists in May 2008 and, his considered crime was that he declared apartheid an incorrect socio-economic arrangement for South Africa. Today Guantanamo, a territory of Cuba, is a territorial property of US imperialism.

Killing people in Palestine by Israel is alright, but fighting against Bengazi rebellion in Libya is unacceptable and evil. Why? Because of the struggle to rob oil from Libya by imperialism of the US and rich European capitalist classes. Imperialists have no permanent friends.

Imperialism has a permanent, well-calculated socio-economic interest. Any leader in Asia, Africa or Latin America, who will be found failing to rhyme with the economic aims of imperialism will be got rid of.

This can be done through opposition groups who claim that elections were cheated, that the country where they are has no democracy, so that they get arms or money to undermine a pro-people organisation on the national ground.

Imperialism can operate through imported teachers, lecturers, doctors, administrators of non-governmental organisations, religious leaders, military officers, tourists and all sorts of organisations.

Capitalist classes of the US and Western Europe can only afford to dominate the world militarily and economically, but are never in a position to guide the world. This is because they are spiritually and morally the most backward as robbers, thieves, treacherous, liars, grabbers and crooks.

US imperialism pays $1.9b dollars per year to the Egyptian Army to neutralise Egypt against the negative behaviour of Israel against Arabs. This was why they did not support the uprising against Hosni Mubarak.

It is necessary for countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America, to form big socio-economic blocks within which they can economically produce jointly, trade, develop and create military alliances to safeguard the social security of their own people.

They should unite their respective Trade Unions, Farmers Organisations, Youth, Students, Women’s Organisations, the progressive pro-people elite, so that the masses are enlightened concerning their common interests in the economic bases of their respective countries.

They should have joint military training accompanied by pro-people political education that can assist in running society and the state.

The main point to make now is that with imperialism militarily mightier and can afford to violate the sovereignty of other countries, what is the solution?

The answer lies in organising the masses of Asia, Africa and Latin America for global togetherness on the basis of a search for friendship, mutual cooperation in all social fields of operation.

People very much matter in all fields of social operations. Imagine US imperialism in Vietnam. 460,000 troops in Vietnam, 1948-1975, 40,000 troops in Cambodia, 1948-1975, were all defeated. This is the meaning of the people factor.

People must be organised against their own enemy. While in South Vietnam as foreigners the US killed one million people and now they talk of Gadaffi killing Libyans when they are the ones bombing Libya.

Any authority foisted upon a people by a foreign power, will not last. Let people decide as they are the only factor that determines their own history. It is the US and Western European imperialism which is the global axis of evil.

Each and every national leadership in Asia, Africa and Latin America should know how correctly they can negotiate with the capitalist classes of US and Western Europe knowing well that no leopard is willing to change its spots.

Let the AU seriously work on saving Libya from imperialist aggression.

The problem will be if some of the African leaders are also pro-imperialist. May our Pan-African spirit forbid?

[Source: By Kajabago-ka-Rusoke, New Vision, Uganda, 04Apr11. The author is a lecturer at Kyankwanzi National Leadership Institute]

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