Latest developments in the Libyan conflict

Following are the latest political and military developments in the Libyan crisis.

* Rebels in western Libyan advanced north to within 25 km (15 miles) of the coastal city of Zawiyah on Saturday after fighting a six-hour battle with pro-Gaddafi forces, Reuters journalists at the scene reported.

* In eastern Libya, at least 21 rebels and government soldiers were killed in fighting for the Mediterranean coast oil terminal of Brega over the past two days, hospital workers said.

* NATO said it conducted 118 air sorties on Friday, 48 of them strike sorties to identify and hit targets.

* NATO said key targets hit on Friday included:

-- One ammunition store in the vicinity of Waddan

-- Two armed vehicles in the vicinity of Brega

-- Five armed vehicles and two anti-aircraft guns in the vicinity of Bir Al Ghanem

-- One surface to surface missile launcher and one surface to surface missile facility in the Tripoli area

-- One military facility and one ammunition storage facility in the vicinity of Misrata

-- One military armoured vehicle storage facility in the vicinity Zlitan

-- One ammunition storage facility in the vicinity of al-Khums

* Since NATO took command of air strikes on March 31, its aircraft have conducted 18,774 sorties including 7,127 strike sorties. NATO members participating in air strikes include France, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and the United States.

* Seventeen ships under NATO command are patrolling the central Mediterranean Sea to enforce a U.N. arms embargo. On Friday, 10 vessels were hailed to determine destination and cargo. One was boarded, but was not diverted.

A total of 2,156 vessels have been hailed, 217 boarded and nine diverted since the start of the arms embargo.

[Source: By David Brunnstrom, Reuters, 13Aug11]

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