NATO: 74 airstrikes on Libya carried out on first day of operations

74 airstrikes were carried out against Libya on Thursday - the first day of NATO-commanded military operations - the Western military alliance said Friday.

Operation 'Unified Protector' - seeking to protect civilians with targeted air raids on Libyan forces was launched early on Thursday, taking over from an impromptu coalition coordinated by the United States, with France and Britain playing leading roles.

On that day, 74 strike sorties were carried out, NATO said in a statement.

Acting under a United Nations mandate, NATO is also enforcing a no-fly zone and is patrolling the Central Mediterranean to enforce an arms embargo with some 17 ships, the alliance said.

During the course of those patrols, two vessels were stopped 'to determine destination and cargo,' but 'no boardings were required,' NATO said.

[Source: Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Monster and Critics, Brussels, 01Apr11]

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Libya War
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