Sarkozy invites Libya rebel council leader to Paris talks Wednesday

French President Nicolas Sarkozy called on Libyans to begin a process of national reconciliation and invited the chairman of the Transitional National Council, Mahmoud Jibril, to Paris for talks Wednesday, DPA reported.

In a statement Monday, Sarkozy condemned Moamer Gaddafi's "irresponsible and desperate" calls to his loyalists to fight on...

Sarkozy said he had spoken with Jibril by telephone and invited him to Paris Wednesday.

France led the diplomatic campaign in March for international military intervention in Libya and for the rebel council to be recognized as Libya's legitimate government.

France also recently airlifted weapons to rebels fighting Gaddafi's forces in the Nafusa mountains, in a move that is believed to have been central to the rebels gaining terrain.

Sarkozy said the end of Gaddafi and his regime was "unavoidable and close" and

called for remaining regime loyalists to lay down arms "without delay."

[Source: Deutsche Presse Agentur, Paris, 22Aug11]

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