Kosachyov fears coalition forces' involvement in Libya ground operation

Duma International Affairs Committee chairman Konstantin Kosachyoev has not ruled out a ground operation by the coalition forces in Libya.

"Currently, everyone is denying this possibility, however I think that if the coalition continues to lose its soldiers in Libya, sooner or later it could serve as a pretext for invasion," Kosachyov said in an interview with the Russia Today television channel on Thursday.

Should the ground operation begin, "coalition forces will find themselves trapped, with neither party benefiting from it," the MP said.

"It will be a defeat for coalition forces. I would not like that to happen, however today this scenario is quite possible," Kosachyov said.

The terrorist group Al-Qaeda "will attempt to increase its influence in Libya," he said.

"Such an evolvement of the situation is predictable, and this might become a very serious problem," the MP said.

"Revolutionaries will not have a chance to quickly take the situation under control after the fall of the regime, which will give external forces a chance to interfere in the situation and seize control. Unfortunately, Al-Qaeda is the most organized among these three regional forces at the moment," he said.

[Source: Interfax, Moscow, 31Mar11]

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Libya War
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