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Gunmen who attacked policemen in Grozny, have been neutralized - head of Chechen republic

The armed gang that attacked policemen has been neutralized in Grozny, capital of Russia's Chechnya republic, head of the republic Ramzan Kadyrov told reporters.

"At night we were informed that in the Oktyabrsky district (of the city - TASS) a group of armed people attacked a policeman and took his car. The interception plan was launched immediately. Several minutes after it became known that that gang had broken into a house of another police official in another part of the city but did not find him there and disappeared. Sometime after that the policemen who blocked the crossroads in the city managed to stop the car with the gunmen," Kadyrov said.

According to him, when the police attempted to stop the car with the gunmen they knocked down a traffic policeman and after that opened fire at the police trying to escape.

"The gunmen were neutralized with retaliation fire. Two of them were taken to hospital and four were killed. An investigation group is working on the scene trying to identify the gunmen. It became known that there was also a girl among them," the head of the republic said.

Kadyrov said that there are no casualties among the police and the wounded traffic policeman has been taken to hospital.

"The situation in the city is quiet. Road traffic is functioning as usual," Kadyrov said.

"Thanks to professional and operative actions the police managed to prevent victims among the city population," he added.

[Source: Itar Tass, Grozny, 17Dec16]

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