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Russia, China do not plan to create any military union -- Russian presidential staff chief

Russia and China do not plan to create any military union, Chief of Russian presidential staff Sergei Ivanov told reporters on Thursday.

He noted that relations between the two countries were developing actively, particularly in military-technical co-operation. "But at the same time I find it senseless and China also finds it senseless to create a new military alliance, union or something like that," Ivanov noted.

The Kremlin high-ranking official noted that Russian-Chinese co-operation "was not targeted at anyone." He also noted that no one had set the task to turn the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation in a military organisation.

The transition of Russia and China to mutual settlements in domestic currencies is possible, but not in the near future, Chief of Russian presidential staff Sergey Ivanov told reporters in this Chinese city on Thursday.

In his words, this transition is generally realistic. "(But) It is unrealistic in a quite short-term historical prospect. This cannot be done immediately," he added.

Russia and China do not intend to create a geographically precisely delineated common economic zone in the Far East, he said.

"We have no plans to create a certain geographically precisely delineated common economic zone or area," he said in comments on an initiative to form a common economic zone of the two countries in the Far East. In his view, Chinese vice-president's words to this effect at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum could have been interpreted incorrectly.

Sergei Ivanov did not rule out that China would become a first foreign country to buy long-and medium-range air defense missile systems S-400 Triumf, but this may take several years. "Chances that China will be a first foreign purchaser are high," Ivanov told reporters, recalling that Russian army had already received first air defense missile systems S-400.

[Source: Itar Tass, Gaiyang, Chn, 10Jul14]

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