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NASA wants to prolong ISS operation till 2028-2030

The United States has initiated prolongation of the International Space Stationís service life till 2028-2030 and corresponding work is already in progress, Russian cosmonaut, deputy director of the Institute of Biomedical Problems under the Russian Academy of Sciences, Oleg Kotov, told TASS in an interview.

"No, they [NASA] do not wish to dump it [the ISS] and they have never wished to do that. They have already initiated prolongation of the stationís operation till 2028-2030 and this work is already in progress. There are two tasks on the agenda - to persuade the government to provide funds for financing the operation of the ISS and to carry out technical scrutiny into whether it is safe to prolong the stationís life cycle," Kotov said.

Currently the ISS projectís partakers (the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada and the European Space Agencyís members Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, France, Switzerland and Sweden) agreed to prolong the stationís operation till 2024. A decision to extend the life cycle of the ISS till 2028 is to be made in 2020. According to earlier reports, should the ISS project be curtailed, new modules for Russiaís future orbital station will begin to be built starting from 2021, with Russiaís ISS segment, detached from the ISS, to serve as the basis.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 20Sep18]

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