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Another Moldovan party to join ongoing anti-government protests in Chisinau

Moldova's opposition Our Party is joining the ongoing anti-government protests demanding early elections, the party's leader and mayor of Moldova's second biggest city of Balti, Renato Usatii, said on Tuesday.

"Protests in Chisinau have demonstrated that the Moldovans are a real civil nation and that they don't want to endure humiliation from people considering themselves as having power. I am confident Moldova's only chance is early elections. With this demand, we will come to the governmental buildings in Chisinau and will ask their dwellers to get out. We will show what a real protest uniting Moldovan society, regardless of ethnic identity, languages and political likings, means," Usatii, who is currently in Russia for negotiations on cooperation of his city and other Moldovan cities and towns with Russian regions, told TASS. "As soon as I am back in Moldova I will hold a news conference to announce the date of our party's protest actions," he added.

Mass protests, the biggest ones in Moldova in the past 20 years, have been going on in Moldova's capital city Chisinau since Sunday. Protesters put a tent camp in Chisinau's central square and demand a meeting with the prime minister, president and parliament speaker. After Red Bloc activists had made an attempt to break into the building of the prosecutor general's office, the police arrested their leaders. The Dignity and Truth Civil Platform distanced itself from these actions saying it will continue protests "in a peaceful and civilized manner." The Platform's leaders asked activists of other parties demanding resignation of the country's government to organize their rallies at other locations.

[Source: Itar Tass, Chisnau, 08Sep15]

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