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Leader of Moldova's socialists urges opposition to prepare for protests

Moldovan socialists believe it is necessary to prepare for mass protests outside the parliament and government buildings, leader of Moldova's Socialist Party Igor Dodon told reporters on Monday.

Dodon recalled that his fellow party members demanded last week that their queries were added to the agenda. "If this is not done, we will have no other option but to embark on mass protests together with other partners, our citizens," he said.

The socialists' leader noted that the protesters had several sets of demands. Among them is the resignation of the heads of several organizations, including the Central Election Commission, the anti-corruption service, the National Bank, media regulatory agencies, passing the amendments to the Constitution and holding early parliamentary and, simultaneously, direct presidential elections. "The prosecutor general announced his resignation last week, but this is not enough," he said.

"We believe that the protests should take place every week. Last week we held pickets outside the embassies of the United States, Romania and the NATO center," Dodon went on to say. "We demanded that the West should not support the oligarchic power. I do not rule out that that this week we will continue protests near other diplomatic missions."

"However, we need to prepare for serious, mass protests near the parliament and the government," he added.

"I hope that 2016 will be the year of the political solution in the Republic of Moldova," he said.

Moldova has little time to settle political crisis

The official also stressed that Moldova has next to no time to settle the current political crisis as the situation is growing desperate.

"The question is not about who will organize people, we or anyone else. There comes a time when people don't heed those who call for tranquility," he said. "The economic situation, the social situation - everything is on the verge. We have just a couple of months, not more. Let us draw a line here."

Early parliament elections in October

The politician has predicted early elections to the Moldovan parliament in October.

"I understand that it's difficult, but I am optimistic about the possibility of holding early parliamentary elections," he said. "The sooner - the better, June-July would be an ideal time, but I think that it will be most likely October."

Moldovans seek closer ties with Russia, disappointed by European integration

According to Dodon, citizens in Moldova want to strengthen relations with Moscow amid the current crisis.

"Perception of the pro-Russian vector by the citizens of Moldovan Republic is growing as people are disappointed by the European integration," Dodon said.

"They see the way out only in rapprochement and strategic partnership with Russia. We have no other option. Without strategic partnership with Russia we don't have not only economy, we won't have a country," he stressed.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 29Feb16]

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