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Surprise drills of Siberia's Irkutsk missile formation start

Russian Strategic Missile Forces' command has started surprise military exercises at Siberia's Irkutsk missile formation on Tuesday. Missiles will be test-launched during the surprise drills, spokesman of Strategic Missile Forces Colonel Igor Yegorov told reporters.

"The command of the division was ordered to put all units and formations on combat alert," he said.

Surprise war games will focus on drilling combat readiness of alert forces of the missile formation and missile regiments, the colonel noted. Meanwhile, engineering, logistic and combat support, defense and actions of anti-terrorist formations will be checked.

Missile units, defense and logistic support formations have taken field positions. Many tasks and scenarios will be drilled, a sudden change of field positions is also envisaged and missile divisions will be redeployed to overcome a conventionally contaminated terrain. Meanwhile, an enemy's imaginary attack from the ground and air is expected.

Surprise drills will last until Saturday, July 12, Yegorov added.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 08Jul14]

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