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NATO holding summit of deception in Warsaw

Chairman of the foreign policy committee in the upper house of Russian parliament, Konstantin Kosachov, has labelled the NATO summit underway in Warsaw 'a summit of deception', as its most vociferous decision has been taken on the grounds of purportedly forged allegations about the 'Russian threat'.

"The only resounding decision on deployment of four battalions in Poland and the eastern Baltic countries" will unlikely make any radical changes in relations between Russia and the alliance, he wrote in Facebook on Friday.

"It's like building a dam in the desert sands where it will protect against non-existent risks," Kosachov wrote.

"It's not the soldiers that scare us, it's the politicians who deceive millions of people while being perfectly aware of the absence of any threats from Russia," he said. "The Warsaw summit is a summit of deception.

The decisions endorsed by NATO on Friday "have cemented a second wall in Europe after the Berlin one, since all of them proceed from the logic of confrontation of the World War II era."

"This logic goes along the lines suggesting 'we'll feel secure because we're stronger'," Kosachov said.

"In Warsaw, NATO decision-makers could make a choice between the fanning of tensions and detente but there's no one so far at the level of leaders to work for detente," Kosachov wrote. "Too little of the German position can be heard or seen. The same for France and Italy. It's the novices endorsed by the Chaperon who're setting the tune."

"Yet there is a definite hope a change of Western elites will come about soon," Kosachov wrote. "Warsaw may go down in history as a bow-out summit," as new people ranging from Trump to Boris Johnson are breathing heavily down the necks of the current leaders.

"These politicians don't feel bounded by the previous rules of the game," he indicated. "No doubt, there are absolutely no guarantees these off-system politicans will raise the upper hand, to say nothing of the guarantees the situation will be any better, but Western societies have a great demand for them, because the situation can't be any worse than it is today.".

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 09Jul16]

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