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Russia may restart plutonium deal if US cancels Magnitsky Act

Russia may resume the plutonium utilization deal with the United States if Washington cancels the Magnitsky Act, lifts all anti-Russian sanctions and compensates for them, and also cuts its military infrastructure in NATO countries, according to a draft law submitted to the State Duma.

The bill on the suspension of the plutonium disposal agreement was submitted by Russian President Vladimir Putin to the lower house of Russia's parliament and posted in the State Duma's database on Monday.

"The effect of the Agreement and the protocols to the Agreement may be resumed after the Unites States removes the causes that have radically changed the circumstances that existed on the day the Agreement and the protocols to the Agreement entered into force," article two of the draft law says.

In particular, the talk is about "reducing the military infrastructure and the numerical strength of the US contingent based on the territories of the NATO member states, which joined the alliance after September 1, 2000, to the level, at which they stayed on the day the Agreement and the protocols to the Agreement entered into force."

The second condition stipulated in the draft law is that the United States should give up unfriendly policy towards Russia by "cancelling the US 2012 Act [the Magnitsky Act] and the provisions of the US 2014 Act on the support of Ukraine's freedom aimed against Russia," "cancelling all sanctions imposed by the United States on specific Russian regions, Russian legal entities and private individuals," and also by "compensating for the damage sustained by Russia as a result of the imposition of the sanctions, including the losses from the imposition of counter-sanctions against the USA," the bill says.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 03Oct16]

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