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Crisis in EU-Russia relations can linger on -- Denmark FM

Danish industry should prepare to a continuous crisis and sanctions in relations between the EU and Russia, Denmark Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaar is quoted by paper on Friday.

"I would be glad to say we are approaching the end of all this but unfortunately, it does not look like this," he said.

Quite the contrary, the sanction regime could be toughened, the Minister added. "New sanctions are possible" on both sides, warned the diplomat but "we need to show Russia our determination". "Some values are above economy - we are speaking of our freedom and European countries' sovereignty. Here we cannot retreat when facing the threat of economic repressions," Lidegaar added.

The Danish government had prepared a plan to restructure export that should help small and medium businesses hit by the Russian ban on food import from the EU, Danish Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

The package includes consultations to help penetrate other markets, in particular Asian countries. Aid will be provided for companies with an annual turnover less than 375 million krones, or $68.2 million, and no more than 250 employees.

Minister for Trade and Development Mogens Jensen earlier said Denmark would finance the exporters affected with 5 million krones, or $909,000.

According to Agriculture and Food Council, Danish producers will lose 1.4 billion krones, or $254,500 million, on Russian sanctions.

[Source: Itar Tass, Copenhagen, 15Aug14]

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