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Russian, US scientists discuss non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

The president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Fortov, on Monday received a delegation from the US National Academy of Sciences. International security and non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction were the most important issues discussed, Fortov told the media afterwards.

The US delegation was led by the chairman of the International Security and Arms Control Committee at the US National Academy of Sciences, Raymond Jeanloz.

Jeanloz, a professor of earth and planetary science at the University of California, delivered to Fortov a message from the president of the US National Academy of Sciences.

"We have talked for a long time, longer than planned," Fortov said. "The Raymond Jeanloz-led delegation was here to give us a fresh cooperation impetus."

The head of the Russian Academy of Sciences said the world is not becoming a safer place and the task of all scientists is to pool efforts to prevent the proliferation of mass and non-mass destruction.

Fortov said the two parties worked out an action plan and agreed to breathe a new life into the activity of certain Russian-US commissions in such spheres as security, energy, nuclear power, space and nature conservation.

As they answered questions, Fortov and Jeanloz confirmed they felt no attempts by their countries' governments to impede their cooperation even in the context of the current uneasy international situation.

As a member of the science community I can say that we seek to maintain our years-long cooperation, which is absolutely crucial to the development of science and progress, Professor Jeanloz said, adding that the US delegation appreciated their Russian colleague's hospitality and goodwill.

"As for our leadership is concerned, we have seen its all-round support for our efforts to maintain mutual cooperation," Fortov said. "We have experienced no obstructions and believe that science must stay out of politics.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 10Nov14]

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