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Lavrov: List of terrorist organizations will allow to decide on who Syrian opposition is

After the decision of the UN Security Council on the list of terrorist organizations it will become clear who "the healthy Syrian opposition" is, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday following talks with his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem.

He drew attention to the agreement "to form and agree a list of the terrorist organizations to be withdrawn from any political talks and to which the ceasefire regime will not apply, when an agreement on it is reached."

"When such a list is compiled and endorsed (this will require a decision of the UN security Council), it will be much easier to figure out who are not terrorists but the patriotic healthy Syrian opposition, which is ready to hold talks with the government based on the platform designated by the international community: to ensure the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria, to ensure the rights of all those living in this country irrespective of their ethnic, denominational or any other identity."

"Without such a coordinated list of terrorist organizations and without a list of the opposition's delegation for the talks I mentioned 'the Vienna process' will not be able to move forward productively," Lavrov said.

"The main meaning of the agreements reached during the 'Vienna process' within the framework of the international Syrian Support Group is that any reforms, agreements and processes can be led only by the Syrians themselves and that only the Syrian people can decide on Syria's future, without any outside interference."

"This calls for a representational, exclusive inter-Syrian dialogue between the government and a wide range of the patriotic opposition that could lead to the agreements reached on the basis of mutual consent," the Russian foreign minister said. "The external players, primarily those who are part of the Syrian Support Group, must contribute to launching such a dialogue."

No foreign external commission will select Syria presidential candidates

Accordimg to Lavrov, no external commissions should select presidential candidates in Syria.

"We have already said, and Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed yesterday that only the Syrian people can decide on who will lead their country," the minister said. "There can be no external commissions to select candidates that would suit a particular country."

According to Lavrov, the prospects for the political process were discussed at the meeting. "We have emphasized that the key issue of the international Syrian Group agreements was the ability for Syrian people to decide themselves on any processes in their country without external interference and in accordance with the interest of all the ethnic and confessional groups," Lavrov said.

"All the questions should be solved by the election," Muallem said, stressing that democratic procedures exist for electing the country's government.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 27Nov15]

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