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Reports of 31 drones attacking Russian facilities in Syria untrue, says defense official

The allegations saying as many as 31 drones attacked Russian facilities in Syria in the small hours of January 6 are not true, a senior Russian Defense Ministry official said on Wednesday.

Earlier, some media quoted the coordinator of the Syrian and Russian parliaments' friendship support group, Dmitry Sablin, as saying that 31 drones were involved in the attack on Russian military bases in Syria. The legislator said all of them were combat aircraft.

"Participating in the attack on Russian military facilities in Syria on January 5-6 were 13 combat fixed-wing drones. The militants used ten drones in the attempt to hit Hmeymim and another three against Tartus. Claims to the effect a far greater number of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) was involved have nothing to do with the reality," the source said.

He pointed out there were no reasons to keep secret or understate the number of drones that attacked Russian military facilities in Syria.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 10Jan18]

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War in Syria
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