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Militants in Eastern Ghouta prepare provocation involving chemical weapons – top brass

Leaders of militant units entrenched in Eastern Ghouta are preparing a provocation that will involve the use of chemical agents. After it they plan to accuse the Syrian government forces of utilization of chemical weapons against peaceful civilians, the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring sides said on Sunday.

"The data at our disposal indicates the leaders of militant units are preparing a provocation that will involve the utilization of chemical weapons in order to accuse the government forces of deploying chemical weapons against peaceful civilians," the report said.

"The Russian center for reconciliation of the warring sides calls on all the parties to the conflict to stop any combat actions and armed provocations.".

Eastern Ghouta, an area controlled by the militants and encircled by Syrian Army units, is on the list of de-escalation zones set up in line with the May 4, 2017, agreement signed by the countries that act as guarantors of the Syrian ceasefire Russia, Iran and Turkey. Earlier reports quoting a spokesperson for the UN Secretary General said more than 100 persons had died in Eastern Ghouta since last Monday and the figure included thirteen children.

The reports also claimed five hospitals had undergone air raids and more than 700 people needed an emergency evacuation for medical reasons.

[Source: Itar Tass, Moscow, 25Feb18]

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War in Syria
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