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Russia takes revenge for killed mercenaries of PMC Wagner

Journalists described the attack as an act of revenge for the military men of private military company Wagner, who were killed as a result of the recent air strike conducted by the US-led coalition. It was said that Russian state-of-the-art Su-57 fighter aircraft were involved in the operation to strike terrorists in Eastern Ghouta.

Several groups of illegal armed gangs were destroyed as a result of the air strike with the use of precision weapons. Local sources said that the Russian Air Force also managed to eliminate dozens of US military instructors involved in the training of extremist fighters. It is believed that they were training radical Islamists from the so-called "New Syrian Army" in field camps in the vicinity of Damascus.

The use of Su-57 warplanes against pro-American forces has come as a response to the actions of the Western coalition in Deir ez-Zor. On February 7, pro-Syrian forces clashed with Kurdish armed groups from the Democratic Forces of Syria. During the clash near the village of Hisham, the Kurds called the US Air Force for help. The Americans struck the pro-government forces killing Russian mercenaries from PMC Wagner.

[Source: Pravda, Moscow, 26Feb18]

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War in Syria
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