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Syrian opposition’s list for constitutional committee referred to guarantor nations

Syria’s opposition has referred to the three Syrian ceasefire guarantor nations - Russia, Turkey and Iran - a list of candidates to the constitutional committee, Qadri Jamil, a leader of the so-called Moscow platform of the Syrian opposition, told TASS on Sunday.

"The opposition that was represented at the Syrian National Dialogue Congress has sent to the guarantor nations a list of 50 names representing the entire spectrum of the opposition," he said. "The list was referred on June 15."

According to Jamil, the opposition has requested a meeting with Russia, Iranian and Turkish negotiators in Geneva on June 18. "We have requested a meeting in Geneva with the delegations of the guarantor nations. We plan to discuss all the details with the guarantors," he noted.

The Syrian National Dialogue Congress that was held in Russia’s Black Sea resort city of Sochi on January 30 yielded an agreement to form a constitutional committee that would be tasked to draft, along with UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura, the country’s new constitution. As many as 150 candidates have been nominated as committee members, of whom 100 are delegates from the government and pro-regime (domestic and moderate) opposition and 50 are delegates from the external opposition. The UN envoy however said the committee should not have more than 50 members. The Syrian government has already submitted its list to the UN envoy.

[Source: Itar Tass, Geneva, 17Jun18]

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