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Letter from Syria on the terrorist attacks that have taken place in Aleppo since 06Jul16

United Nations
Security Council


Distr.: General
18 July 2016
Original: Arabic

Identical letters dated 9 July 2016 from the Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic addressed to the Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council

On instructions from my Government, I should like to apprise you of the bloody terrorist attacks on the city of Aleppo that have continued to take place since 6 July 2016.

Intent on carrying out the destructive and hateful policies sponsored by certain States and regimes — foremost among them the regimes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey — armed terrorist groups funded and supported by foreign entities have continued to indiscriminately rain down various kinds of explosive shells, rockets and gas cylinder missiles (also known as "hell cannons") on the residential neighbourhoods of the city of Aleppo, ignoring the sanctity of the Eid al-Fitr holiday and flagrantly violating the truce agreement and the cessation of hostilities agreement. According to the information provided by the Humaymim base, there have been 762 violations of those agreements since the end of February. Indeed, armed terrorist groups have recently begun to use new types of weapons and ammunition, including high-precision explosive rockets, high-explosive shells and sophisticated rocket launchers and cluster bombs. This suggests that certain States, such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, have been supplying the groups with sophisticated weapons with the blessing of Western States.

Forty civilians were killed in Aleppo over the three-day Eid holiday; 17 of them were children, 15 were women and seven were men. 170 people were injured, of whom 46 were children, 46 were women and 78 were men (see attached list of names of the dead). The terrorist attacks also caused substantial material damage to public and private property and public infrastructure and services.

On Friday, 8 July, armed terrorist groups rained down dozens of explosive shells and rockets on the Furqan and Fayd neighbourhoods of Aleppo. The highest death toll was reported at the university residences, which house approximately 3,700 displaced persons: the armed terrorist groups fired explosive rockets and shells, which landed on children who had been playing on swings during the Eid holiday. That attack by the armed terrorist groups also struck the area near the municipal stadium in downtown Aleppo.

On Thursday 7 July 2016, armed terrorist groups indiscriminately fired rockets at the Sayf al-Dawlah neighbourhood. The Sabil, Nile, Aziziyah and Mushariqah neighbourhoods of Aleppo were indiscriminately shelled.

The ongoing cowardly acts of terrorism perpetrated by what some like to call "moderate opposition groups", such as the so-called Nusrah Front, the Army of Conquest, the Army of Islam and other terrorist groups affiliated with the so -called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and Al-Qaida, attest to the hypocrisy of States that claim to be fighting terrorism. Those acts clearly demonstrate that France, Britain and the United States of America — permanent members of the Security Council — are not serious about combating terrorism, and that they apply double standards in the war on terror. That practice must be stopped immediately.

Regrettably, such cowardly criminal acts, which target innocent civilians in their homes, streets, markets and workplaces, take place under the protection of the governments and regimes in power in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, France, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Those States and regimes — in particular, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel — continue to shelter the terrorist groups and send them fighters, funds, weapons, ammunition and materiel. The fact of the matter is that the fire of terrorism will always spread and burn the place where it was lit, as terrorism is a form of criminality that transcends religion, nation and citizenship.

Some Security Council members continue to fail to perform their duty to suppress terrorism and combat and prosecute those armed terrorist groups that are protected by certain States. The Security Council continues to refuse to take immediate deterrent and punitive action against States and regimes that sponsor, support and fund terrorism. That situation sends an unequivocal message to the criminal terrorist perpetrators, accomplices and plotters. The message is that they should persist in committing massacres and acts of terrorism against the Syrian people, acts that threaten not only Syrian and regional but also international peace and security. The United States of America, France, Britain and Ukraine refuse to have the Army of Islam and Ahrar al-Sham organizations added to the Security Council's list of terrorist groups and entities. This only confirms that they are not serious about combating terrorism.

The Government of the Syrian Arab Republic affirms that these terrorist massacres and crimes will not deter it from continuing to fulfil its duty to combat terrorism and strive to bring about a political solution to the Syrian crisis among Syrians, through an intra-Syrian dialogue and under Syrian leadership, leading to the elimination of terrorism. It will not be deterred from rebuilding what was destroyed by the terrorists and their partners, financial backers and supporters and restoring security and stability for the Syrian people.

The Government of the Syrian Arab Republic calls on the Security Council and the Secretary-General to condemn these terrorist crimes immediately and forcefully. It also calls on the Security Council to fulfil its responsibility to maintain international peace and security by taking preventive and punitive measures immediately in respect of those regimes and States that support and fund terrorism — in particular the Riyadh, Ankara and Doha regimes. The Council must prevent those States from continuing to fund terrorism and undermining international security and peace, and compel them to implement fully the relevant Security Council resolutions, including resolutions 2170 (2014), 2178 (2014), 2199 (2015) and 2253 (2015).

I should be grateful if you would have the present letter and its annex issued as a document of the Security Council.

(Signed) Bashar Ja'afari
Permanent Representative

Annex to the identical letters dated 9 July 2016 from the Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council

List of the names of persons killed on Friday 8 July 2016:

No. Name Age Area
1 Salwa Abu Dan bint Mahir 30 Furqan
2 Amani Hajj Hasan bint Abdulhalim 22 Furqan
3 Ali Abdulghafur bin Khayru 20 Furqan
4 Qamar Awad bint Basil 9 Furqan
5 Zakariya Jumani bin Ahmad 13 Furqan
6 Abir Qatmawi Sabbagh bint Muhammad 31 Furqan
7 Samirah Bawadiqji bint Majid 35 Furqan
8 Fatimah Haydar bint Abdullatif 49 Furqan
9 Qasim Julaylati bin Yusuf 24 Furqan
10 Mayyasah Hasan bint Zakariya 24 Furqan
11 Samir Qar'a bin Hasan 29 Furqan
12 Yaman Sabir bin Hashim 14 Furqan
13 Aliyah Hasan bint Zakariya 14 Furqan
14 Abir Qal'aji bint Sub hi 41 Furqan
15 Firyal Dabluni bint Yamin 7 Furqan
16 Ghaliyah al-Hajj Hammud bint Gharqan 18 Furqan
17 Muhammad Nada'ah bin Mahmud 4 Furqan
18 Yazan Nada'ah bin Mahmud 3 Furqan
19 Mahmud Nada'ah bin Muhammad 31 Furqan
20 Nisrin Muhammad bint Qadri 30 Furqan
21 Rama Bilal bin Jihad 14 Furqan
22 Ahmad Muhammad bint Tahir 18 Furqan
23 Muhammad Muhammad bin Tahir 9 Furqan
24 Mazin A'raj bin Muhammad Adib 17 Furqan
25 Armar Azizi bint Muhammad Muhammad Ali 13 Furqan
26 Abir Abidin bint Mahmud 25 Furqan
27 Muhammad Riyad Mawalidi bin Ahmad 39 Furqan
28 Ayah al-Hashim bint Muhammad Ali 18 Furqan
29 Hasna' Ayrud bint Safwat 60 Furqan
30 Ahmad Abbush bin Muhammad 26 Furqan
31 Fada Karshum bint Muhammad 13 Furqan
32 Ahmad Barra' Ashrafi bin Hazim 13 Mushariqah
33 Abdulrahman Ashrafi bin Badr al-Din 13 Mushariqah
34 Najm al-Din Ashrafi bin Badr al-Din 11 Mushariqah
35 Muhammad Safwat Bushayn bin Bassam 14 Mushariqah
36 Ahmad Subhi al-Mustafa bin Mustafa 40 Furqan
37 Randah Zalkhi bint Abdulwahab 23 Furqan
38 Nur al-Din Mustafa bin Muhd 47 Furqan
39 Iman al-Bash bint Umar 46 Mushariqah
40 Muhammad Hassun bin Fakhir 11 Furqan

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