Notorious Ecuadorean School of the Americas Graduates

MAYOR Raúl González Alvear 1962, C & R & Bn Staff Attempted coup: Led attempted coup against Rodríguez Lara. Twenty people were reportedly killed and 100 were injured.
GEN Guillermo Rodríguez Lara 1961, C & R & Bn Staff
1966, Irregular Warfare Orientation
1967, Maintenance Management
Dictator, 1972-76 Achieved power by overthrowing elected civilian government. (WP, 5/19/94)
MAYOR Alejandro Solís 1961, C & R & Bn Staff Attempted coup:One of the leaders of an attempted coup against Rodríguez Lara on September 1, 1975. Latin American Newsletters, Sept. 26, 1975
COL Frank Vargas Pazzos 1976, Joint Operations JOCLA 0-16 Insubordination/Mutiny: On March 7, 1986, Vargas took over an air force base in Manta, Manabi province, after Defense Minister Gen. Luis Pineiros rejected Vargas' contention that army commander Gen. Manuel Albuja misused national defense funds. During this time, Vargas called for an overthrow of the constitutionally-elected government of President Febres Cordero. Vargas ended his revolt on March 11, when Pineiros and Albuja resigned and was put under house arrest. Vargas then was freed by sympathetic soldiers and took over the Mariscal Sucre air force base in Quito on March 13. He was captured March 14 after a 90-minute machine gun battle when 2,000 troops stormed into the base. In January 1987, troops loyal to Vargas held the President hostage and called for the release of Vargas. After the President's release, the rebellion charges against Vargas were dropped by the top military court.

Information researched by Vicky Imerman and Michael Katz-Lacabe.

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