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Argentina: Journalist Threatened

Derechos Human Rights

January 30, 1998

Derechos Human Rights is extremely concerned for the safety of Argentine
journalist Gabriela Cerruti, who has been subject to death threats.
Cerruti, a journalist with the magazine Tres Puntos is the author of an
article in which former Navy Captain Alfredo Astiz expressed no remorse
for the disappearances of Argentine citizens during the military
dictatorhsip from 1976 to 1983, and blamed the Navy for converting him
into a killer.  The article led to the destitution of Astiz from the Navy,
and brought renewed attention to the responsibility of the Navy for the
dirty war crimes.

On Tuesday, January 29, 1998, an unidentified person called the offices of
Trespuntos and left a message telling Cerruti to "Take care or she's dead

The death threats come just four days after the one-year anniversary of
the murder of Noticias photographer Jose Luis Cabezas, a journalist who
was investigating corruption in the Buenos Aires police force and was one
of the first to photograph reclusive Argentine tycoon Alfredo Yabran.
Cabezas' burned and handcuffed body was found in his car in the city where
he was working.  He had previously received death threats.

In February, Radio and television journalist Santo Biasatti and his family
received repeated death threats such as "Biasatti will go the same way as

In September 1997, former Navy Captain Adolfo Scilingo, who had admitted
his role in throwing live prisoners from Navy planes into the Atlantic
Ocean, was attacked and the initials MGV were carved into his face.  The
attackers indicated that the letters were initials that stood for
journalists Magdalena Ruiz Guinazu, Mariano Grondona, and Horacio
Verbitsky.  These journalists had reported extensively on the former Navy 

Recommended Action: Please send faxes and airmail letters:

- - expressing concern for the safety of Gabriela Cerruti, who has been
the target of death threats
- - urging that all appropriate measures be taken to ensure her safety
- - calling for a full and impartial investigation into the death threats,
for the results to be made public and those responsible to be brought to

Excelentisimo Sr. Presidente de la Republica Argentina
Dr. Carlos Saul Menem
Casa Rosada
Balcarce 50
Buenos Aires C.F.

Fax 541 331 67 35  / 541 331 0474 / 541 331 18 49

Sr. Ministro de Justicia
Dr. Raul Granillo Ocampo
Ministerio de Justicia
Calle Gelly y Obes 2289
1425 Buenos Aires C.F.

Phone: +54 1 328-3015, 328-3015

E-mail addresses:,

Please also send a copy to:

Subsecretaria de Derechos Humanos
Ministerio del Interior 
Ines Perez Suarez
Moreno 711, 2o. Piso
1091 Capital Federal, Argentina

Fax: 5413 432326

Emb. Zelmira Regazzoli
Direccion General de Derechos Humanos
Cansilleria Argentina


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