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Guatemala: Street Child Murdered

Casa Alianza

June 3rd, 1998


Fifteen year old JUAN ANTONIO LOPEZ ROSALES was shot to death in
Guatemala City by an as yet unidentified assailant on May 27th, 1998
on 18th street and 5th Avenue in Zone 1. The murder occurred at
approximately 06 :00 hours.

Juan Antonio, a former resident of the Casa Alianza group home "San
Pedro y San Pablo", was together with another street youth, when the
unidentified teenager tried to pick-pocket the assailant. The man,
described as fair skinned, 1.60 meters tall, moustache, blue jeans and
a striped shirt, carrying a backpack, from where, according to
witnesses, he took out the pistol with which he shot Juan Antonio
through the head. The unidentified street youth who attempted the
robbery was not hurt.

The assassin then aimed his gun at another street youth, Edwin Geovany
Cortez Yul (16), who was able to run away without being hurt. Other
witnesses were street children Elizardo de Jesus Rodriguez, Lorenzo
Rafael Estrada (13) and Gilberto Guamuch. The man then ran off into
the crowd.

After a few minutes, the Volunteer Firemen arrived and took Juan
Antonio to the San Juan de Dios hospital, where he died.

The initial investigations of Casa Alianza's Legal Aid Office
indicates that the aggressor may be a private policemen that works in
the immediate area of the murder. The investigation continues.

Casa Alianza is concerned that yet another street child has been
murdered in Guatemala, possibly by a private policeman. PLEASE send an
urgent message to the authorities listed below (with copies to the
media) urging them to IMMEDIATLY investigate who took this young boy's
life away....

The President of Guatemala , Alvaro Arzu   

Guatemalan Embassies   


Please send me a copy   Thank you again for
taking the time to care....

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