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Human Rights

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General Information

Hi! Welcome to hrights, the Human Rights Discussion List. hrights is a mailing list designed for discussion of human rights issues. These includes civic, political, economic and social rights, as defined by international law. Part of the discussion, of course, should be what human rights consist of. Topics that may be discussed include but are not limited to:

-The protection of human rights throughout the world
-How to improve the effectiveness of Human Rights work
-How to go about doing human rights work
-Sharing of Human Rights information
-What works, what doesn't.
-Advertisement of HR's oriented /events/.

This mailing list is NOT for the discussion of:

-How evil a certain ethnic group is
-Apologias for human rights violations
-Personal attacks on anyone
-Comercial advertisement of /any/ kind

The mailing list is also not meant to be a forum for the distribution of news or press releases, or actions on behalf of victims of human rights violations. Other mailing lists have been set up for the distribution of these items.

This is a closed list, only subscribers are allowed to post.

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