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China and Tibet

China is an authoritarian state in which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the paramount source of power. Human Rights violations are widespread and well-documented, and they stem from the authorities' intolerance of dissent, fear of unrest, and the absence or inadequacy of laws protecting basic freedoms. Abuses include torture and mistreatment of prisoners, forced confessions, and arbitrary and lengthy incommunicado detention. Prison conditions are harsh. The Government has placed severe restrictions on freedom of speech, the press, assembly, association, religion, privacy, and worker rights. In many cases, the judicial system denies criminal defendants basic legal safeguards and due process.

Thousands of people are believed to be detained or serving sentences for "counterrevolutionary crimes" or "crimes against the state," including activists arrested for issuing petitions or open letters calling for reforms and greater democracy.

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Derechos Human Rights works for the respect and promotion of human rights, international humanitarian law and the right to privacy all over the world, as well as against impunity for human rights violators.

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