Human Rights in

North Korea

European Parlmanent
Resolución sobre la Hambruna en Corea - 1997 (ESP)

Committee on the Rights of the Child
Report by North Korea on its compliance with the Covenant on the Rights of the Child
June 1996

UN Extra-Convention Mechanisms
Report on the mission to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the Republic of Korea and Japan on the issue of military sexual slavery in wartime : Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Jan. 1996

US State Department
Report on Human Rights in North Korea
1996 - 1995 - 1994 - 1993

Amnesty International Reports
Public Executions: Converging Testimonies
(ASA 25/06/97, 20 January 1997)

  • Pursuit, Intimidation and Abuse of North Korean Refugees and Workers (ASA 24/06/96, September 1996)
  • (North Korea): North Korean Shot Dead at Russian Border by North Korean Officials (EUR 46/06/96, 6 June 1996)

  • 1994
  • The Death Penalty
    (AI Index: ASA 24/01/94
  • New information about political prisoners
    (AI Index: ASA 24/05/94)
  • Concern about the fate of Shibata Kozo and his family
    (AI Index: ASA 24/07/94)

  • Human Rights in North Asia - Human Rights around the World - Derechos

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