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Domestic legislation for serious crimes under international law


Crime of Aggression

No provision

Crimes Against Humanity

No provision


Genocide is defined in Section 49A, under Chapter 2 ("Criminal Homicide and Similar Offences"), Part II ("Offences against the Person), of the Criminal Code of Ghana:

  • The Criminal Code of Ghana. (Act 29 of 1960, Criminal Offences Act of Ghana). [ENG]

    War Crimes

    The definition of war crimes is provided for under Section 1 of the Geneva Conventions Act. See:

  • Geneva Conventions Act, 2009. (Act 780). [ENG]


    Regarding war crimes, jurisdiction ratione personae and ratione loci is provided for in Sections 1 and 2 of the Geneva Conventions Act of Ghana:

  • Geneva Conventions Act, 2009. (Act 780). [ENG]

    Additionally, Section 56 (4) of the Courts Act (Act 459 of 1993) of Ghana, states:

      "Section - 56 - Criminal Jurisdiction of Courts of Ghana.
      (4) Any person (whether a citizen of Ghana or not) is liable to be tried and punished in Ghana for the respective offence if he does an act which if done within the jurisdiction of the courts of Ghana would have constituted any of the following offences-
        (a) slave trade or traffic in slaves;
        (b) piracy;
        (c) traffic in women or children;
        (d) falsification or counterfeiting or uttering of false copies or counterfeits of any official seal of Ghana or any currency, instrument of credit, stamp, passport or public document issued by the Republic or under its authority;
        (e) genocide;
        (f) any offence against the property of the Republic;
        (g) any offence against the security, territorial integrity or political independence of the Republic;
        (h) hijacking;
        (i) unlawful traffic in narcotics;
        (j) attacks on any international communications system, canal or submarine cable;
        (k) unauthorised disclosure of an official secret of the Republic;
        (l) an offence by or against a person in the employment of the Republic or a statutory corporation while acting in the course of the duties of such employment;
        (m) traffic in publications; and
        (n) any other offence which is authorised or required by a convention or treaty to which the Republic is a signatory to be prosecuted and punished in Ghana wherever the offence was committed."
    International Criminal Court

    Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court: The Republic of Ghana signed the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court on 18 July 1998 and deposited its instrument of ratification on 20 December 1999.

  • Resources and Links

  • The Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. (1992).
    Government of Ghana. [ENG]. [Last accessed 28Sep17]. [External Link to pdf document]

  • The Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. (Amendment Act, 1996).
    World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO. [ENG]. [Last accessed 28Sep17]. [External Link to pdf document]

  • Criminal Offences Act - 1960 (Act 29). Ghana Legal database. [ENG]. [Last accessed 28Sep17]. [External Link]

  • Criminal and other Offences (Procedure) Act - 1960 (Act 30). Ghana Legal database. [ENG]. [Last accessed 28Sep17]. [External Link]

  • Courts Act - 1993 (Act 459). Ghana Legal database. [ENG]. [Last accessed 28Sep17]. [External Link]

  • Ghana Legal. [ENG]. [Last accessed 28Sep17]. [External Link]

  • List of International Humanitarian Law Treaties to which Ghana is a State party
    (International Committee of the Red Cross). [ENG]. [Last accessed 28Sep17]. [External Link]