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Argentinian Torturers and Killers
The people that went free under the Amnesty Laws in Argentina Please Help!

The dirty war is over, and human rights are generally respected in Argentina. Still, human rights violations are still a real problem in this country. The fate of 30'000 "disappeared" during the dirty war is still unknown and the Government, shielding itself behind two laws that pardoned all those responsible for the tortures and killings, has no plans to investigate what their fate was. Children (teenagers now), taken away from the arms of their disappeared parents, continue to grow away from their real families, not knowing their true identity. Journalists are harassed for writing articles offensive to the government, and sometimes even beaten up or killed. Conditions in jails are inhuman, beatings at police stations commonplace, and disappearances at the hand of the police are not unheard of. Prisoners often stay in jail for years before being tried for their alledged crimes. There is at least one prisoner of conscience, Fray Antonio Puigjané, who has been sentenced to twenty years in prison for his beliefs.

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List of Argentinian Repressors during the Dirty War
Presented by the National Comission on the Disappearance of Persons to the Argentine Government in 1984. The Government never made it public, but a magazine as able to find it and publish it. The names of the accussed killers and torturers are given, in addition to the place where they worked.
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List of Military to be Tried in Italy

Argentine Military that Graduated from the School of Americas

Human Rights Reports
By National and International Human Rights Organizations

The Disappeared
Info on the Disappeared, their Torturers and Killers and the Dirty War in Argentina

Reports and Resolutions by International Organizations
UN, OAS, Convension Committees, etc.

Articles on Human Rights
By human rights leaders, activists and academics, offering explanations and solutions for human rights abuses.

Human Rights Appeals
Write letters to help end or avoid a human rights violation.

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