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'Silent march' heads towards Plaza de Mayo square

Led by the federal prosecutors who organized the "silent march" in honour of the late AMIA special prosecutor Alberto Nisman, demonstrators, among them, members of the opposition, were walking towards the Plaza de Mayo square this afternoon.

Once at the Plaza de Mayo square, a minute of silence will be observed in honour of Nisman followed by an applause that will be marking the end of the demonstration.

High security

Earlier, in statements to media, Buenos Aires Metropolitan Police deputy chief Ricardo Pedace explained security will be also in charge of the Federal Police along with the Prefecture and Gendarmerie forces, pointing out all security areas have been coordinating a joint operation since Friday. 450 agents of the three federal forces will be deployed, he added.

According to the Metropolitan Police authority, the 18F rally is expected to be attended by thousands, similar to a 2004 mass demonstration that brought together 300,000 people who demanded justice for Axel Blumberg, a young man who was kidnapped and killed.

"We are making different hypothesis and following the backing (to the march), we are estimating a very important amount of people. We thought in an amount similar to the one that Blumberg brought together at the Congress," Pedace said but considered some people might not join the event due to weather conditions as rain is expected for today's afternoon.

"The demonstration will not be in favour of any party and the security perimeter will stop the access of anyone seeking to create problems," he warned. "We will provide security to the relatives (of Alberto Nisman) just like to the rest of the organizers to have a march in peace, a march of silence, to remember prosecutor (Alberto) Nisman."

Ricardo Pedace explained that starting at 3.30 tomorrow all the area will be blocked to the traffic calling drivers and commuters for precaution. "Anyway there will be agents to order the traffic," he said.

[Source: Buenos Aires Herald, Bs As, 18Feb15]

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