Israeli citizen with long criminal record detained in Moscow airport

An Israeli citizen detained by Russian Interior Ministry, Federal Security Service and Moscow Criminal Investigation Department Yair Gal Klein will be first extradited to Israel and then to Colombia, a REGNUM correspondent is told by a source at the Russian Interior Ministry.

A former commando of the Israeli Armed Forces, now a retired lieutenant-colonel, the man has a long criminal record. In 1980s, he trained militants for the Colombian mafia; on January 13, 2000, he was arrested in Accra and spent 16 month in prison in Sierra Leone for being involved in an arms trafficking deal. In 1991, he was sentenced by a Colombian court to ten-year imprisonment for training militants, but escaped justice. Under reports, given by the former commando, he was hired by the Cuban defense ministry to train guards for the banana industry. However, later, his students took part in the most defiant operation of Colombian mafia that abruptly resists the government.

In March, 2007, the Interpol put on wanted list three Israeli citizens: Gal Klein, Melnik Peri and Avraam Tsadek suspected in training terrorists for the Colombian mafia. In June, the Interpol informed Russian law enforcers that Klein was planning a business trip to Moscow under fake identity papers. Klein widely used fake papers for his trips abroad. Yair Gal Klein was detained at passport check at Domodedovo Airport and taken in custody under a resolution of Moscow Transport Prosecution.

[Source: Regnum New Agency, Moscow, Rus, 28ago07]

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